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  • Tips to Write Procedures Quickly and Clearly
  • Clear List of Best Tools to Manage Your People and Systems (Basecamp SUCKS!)

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I Followed This Process,

My Sales Skyrocketed by 50%

Tim Headshot - by Vic Mittal - In Tim we Trust 1 (small) - Aug 11 2013

Tim Francis

Hi, my name is Tim Francis.  I own a marketing company that's entirely internet-based.

I used the exact process I explain here to make much more money while seriously reducing stress too.

Please know, my main business is NOT a "how-to-make-money-online" business.  We manage Adwords campaigns, websites, and email marketing for (mostly) brick-and-mortar businesses in Canada.  Our sales are in the six figures - we're doing well.

Please take comfort knowing I have a legitimate business with real, human clients.  Everything I describe in this eBook is directly from my real-life experience of building systems in my real business.

I've been very lucky to train directly with some of the sharpest entrepreneurs and authors around, including Perry Marshall and Sam Carpenter.  Here's what they've said about me:

Perry Marshall, Perry Marshall & Associates

“Tim has been a friend of ours for quite awhile.  He’s been one of our best consulting-coaching students.”

Sam Carpenter, Work the System

“One of the best, if not the best, is Tim Francis.  Listen to Tim.  I support his work and his coaching and if there’s anyone I can give a testimonial to, it would be Tim.  So pay attention and take him up on his offerings - he’s a good guy and he knows his stuff.”

I sincerely hope you register for a free copy of my Crash Course.  These lessons have been very hard-earned for me.

Learn from my mistakes so you don't need to repeat them.


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Tim Francis