About Smooth Online Systems +

In 2013 Tim went through a rigorous process to implement systems in his marketing company, www.TimFrancisMarketing.com.

There was no definitive guide on systemizing a virtual business.  Tim took a 14-week course through Work the System and adapted everything for Virtual Businesses.

When you study Tim’s methods you’ll see significant shortcuts to help you systemize your virtual business more quickly than ever.

About Tim Francis Marketing +

Tim Francis Marketing is a 100% virtual business with staff and contractors on 3 continents.

TFM has clients as big as $100MM / year in sales, situated in CAN, USA, and AUS.

TFM is proficient in Google Adwords, Infusionsoft, email marketing, and copywriting.

Visit the Tim Francis Marketing website here: www.TimFrancisMarketing.com

About Tim Francis +

Tim Francis is an entrepreneur from Edmonton, Canada.

He started his first business in 2001, which was basically a crash-and-burn experience.

A few efforts later, Tim is now the owner of Tim Francis Marketing which focuses on lead generation for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Tim is also a sought after consultant and speaker on the topics of marketing and systemizing for small businesses.  He's lectured at the University of Alberta and delivers a monthly marketing talk at the Hilton Garden Inn in Edmonton.

Tim Francis